The Barre Open Systems Institute Project Page

The Barre Open Systems Institute is involved with several Open Source based projects. These include but are not limited to; 1.) Education and educational support, followed by 2.) prototype ecological and energy measurement and monitoring systems. The development and documentation of these activities and projects is the mainstay of our mission.

The ever-growing list of projects includes:

Snowbot - jesum they love this robot

Furmon - monitor that pellet furnace

Arduino - moving in the arduino groove

Javajive - to get better at Javascript

NodeJS -ok, it is on the list.

Temperature Sensors Project

The quest for Roberts Rules

Visual Bash - Yea, I am not kidding...

MRTG - remedial raw mrtg for the slow...

Raspberry Pi Land - all rPi'ness

Strembot - maybe a very cool project.

Cool Audio - sound system for a candy shop

Organized - oh please let me be organized!

this may be the least organized site ever!